In this 21st century, everyone knows how to use mobile and familiar with the technology. From children to elder people uses smartphones and is very well connected to the digital world. Smartphones have become an essential part of our life. People tend to spend more time on smartphones and mobile applications. Smartphones have become a part of our daily life. A day without phones is unimaginable to many. Mobile app development has a great role in engaging more people to use smartphones.

What is a mobile application? A mobile app is a software application developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers.

mobile app development


The demand for mobile apps is increasing day by day. From online shopping to hiring a taxi, or online food order or for hiring cleaning services, mobile apps have made life easier for us. The important fact is that you can carry it around and access these apps from anywhere on your smartphones. Mobile apps are easy to use, more convenient and quick. The increased use of apps has stimulated software companies to shift more focus on generating user-friendly and innovative mobile apps for the users.

Do you know how a mobile app is developed or what prompt the app developers to develop a particular app? What role the mobile user behavior plays on mobile app development?

Factors that impact on Mobile App development

  • Target Audience

The first and foremost step in mobile app development is to identify the target audience. That’s where the mobile user behavior comes in. Apps are made in the first place to make things easier for the mobile user. For that purpose, it is essential to research the targeted audiences and the mobile user behavior. Only through that, we get an insight into what a user’s need is and how we can develop an app that suits the needs of the user. It also includes the type of apps that user’s are more likely to download the apps. It also shows user’s willingness to pay for the services and an insight into an in-app purchase.

  • Platform and User Experience

Android and iOS are the most popular platform for mobile apps. That is why most app developers choose these platforms as these account for 95% of the mobile market. Android is the most commonly used smartphone platform while iOS is only used on Apple phones. iOS users are willing to pay for the services of apps more than Android users. An app developer after studying the market trends and how the app is going to fit in has to decide which platform to choose: iOS or Android. The app developer has to narrow it down to iOS or Android after deciding why you want to use that particular platform. iOS is mainly chosen for revenue generation while Android is mainly for user acquisition.

mobile app development

The impact of user experience on the two platforms is different. Android focuses basically on customized experience. Google allows developers to upload the apps in a hassle-free process. While the App Store allows apps only after a strict approval process. iOS users advocate a consistent experience due to Apple’s strict regulations. Android users opt for freedom and customized apps.

  • User Demographics

iOS users are always willing to spend money on in-app purchases. Android holds the largest market share among mobile applications. The app developer should not avoid market research factors like the user’s location, income, and education.

  • In-app Engagement

In-app engagement of Android and iOS users are different. Apple users engage more when it comes to mobile apps. iOS dominates when it comes to user engagement. Android users lead in content categories. iOS users are ready to pay for subscriptions, in-app purchases compared to Android users.

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