The tasks that an SEO Company in Dubai will have to do during the course of a single project or that they are adept at doing are myriad. They have multiple specializations that enable them to carry out interrelated tasks but of different forms so that they are able to reach a certain deadline in time or to facilitate the rise of a particular keyword that the client has requested them to do. To be able to reach this target or deadline is the final aim of all SEO, but the means by which that result is reached is important, and to a great extent, determines whether the target can be achieved or not.

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Link Building: Link building is a tactic that employs several tasks together. It could be seen as a multi-task because it essentially involves creating links that are directed back to the website of the client. These links can be posted on several types of sites, and here is where the work comes in. A directory site, for example, will allow for you to create links to their sites, but this process include a review by those who run the site and this often takes some time, and even then there is no guarantee that the link will be accepted unless of course you’ve paid money.

Link Building


Another process of link building is trying to communicate with the webmasters directly. When this method is chosen instead, there is a seemingly better connection that is made because there is initiated a conversation where either party can discuss their needs and construct a mechanism where links can help the both. This usually happens when either of the two parties is in complementary fields or disciplines, and the links created between is called reciprocal linking.

The efficient links are those which are created on high page rank sites.

Content Creation: Another important task that an SEO Company in Dubai undertakes to a great extent is the creation of content. Content has to be created that is engaging with the audience, informative so that they would want to experience it while feeling that they have gained new knowledge, and captivating aesthetically – eloquent writing, dazzling visual, mellifluous sounds. Recent surveys have reiterated the long-held notion that content is the single most important factor, after quality links, to have a great search engine ranking result.

content creation

Content, as mentioned earlier, can be of different forms, the most visible form of content is the written one. This sort of content needs to be created with a structure that will make it more visible to the crawling robots and get better results once Google’s algorithm processes through it. This would mean inserting certain keywords inside the content, restricting or expanding the content accordingly, and adding certain tags so that the structure conforms to established standards.


Images and its moving cousin video are the second and third most interacted content. With the world becoming more visually oriented than ever before, the important of these forms are increasing by the day. Of course, shapes and figures do not convey anyway explicit information except for  the meaning of their forms, this has to be juxtaposed with meaning written content or words so that it can be made sense of. The infographic is one such creation that has gained popularity and is a rage across the internet while video hosting sites such as YouTube has made video creation a very viable means of distributing online content to the target audience.

Keyword Research: One of the most important parts of beginning an SEO Project, it involves having to browse all the possibilities of combination that a user is likely to search in the search engine which is related to the website or the company or the several products and services that they are offering.


This can be a process that can be completed in a matter of few hours or it can be an exhaustive process that involves long hours or days where the right keyword has to be found out and then it needs to be optimized. Of course, the processes that an SEO Company does is often idiosyncratic and most a secret that is known only to those who are operating the company or department, but these activities constitute the basic work that an SEO Company Dubai does.

On-Page optimization: Once the keywords have been thoroughly mined, the content created and the backlinks disseminated, you can begin to tweak with the website itself. That’s right; on-page optimization is to change the structure of the HTML or PHP or whatever programming language or scripts that you’ve used to create the website in a will make it ideal for the crawlers or robots to identify the website for a particular keyword search query.


This does not need an extensive knowledge about scripts or programming language and it will require basic knowledge which will enable the SEO Company Dubai who has undertaken the project to change the coding so that it is able to be retrieved with more efficiency and volume. An example of this kind of tinkering is changing the META tags in the code so that it will reflect the keyword, content, and the links.

These are the basic works that an SEO Company in Dubai undertakes


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