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We all love Instagram. It has grown into one of the most powerful and loved platforms for sharing photographs. Do you know that Instagram has over 800 active million users on the platform? Everyday posts on Instagram crossed over 60 million and the likes, it is more than 1.6 billion on a daily basis.

Apart from personal and entertainment use, most people use this platform for promoting their business. Whether your business is a small or large scale, you will find the right audience for you from this platform. For that, Instagram gives you a lot of options to sparkle among your audience.

You can find a lot of influencers with massive follower range in this platform. If you have the right plan, you can also be such an influencer brand on Instagram.

Here’s everything you want to know from the top digital marketing agency Dubai about promoting your business through Instagram.

Switch To A Business Account

Just in case if you are using a personal account for your business, it’s important to switch to a business account or start a business account if you are on the initial stage.

A business account gives you many more features compared to a personal account. Here are a few of them.

  • Call to action button
  • Contact Details
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Instagram Ads
  • Instagram Insights

You cannot use the above features from your personal Instagram account, and hence switching to a business account is a mandatory step if you are looking for improving your business through Instagram.

Know Your Audience

Whether you want to sell something using the platform, or you want to redirect your audience to your website or mobile app, or you want to let them know about your business, it is crucial for you( or your business) to understand the audience.

Do research on what’s trending, what type of contents will let your audience to notice you and work accordingly. If you are only focusing on business related content, people may tend to neglect them. But if you are providing beautiful content mixed up with business specific content, your audience definitely feels like going through them. Maybe not from the beginning, but gradually you can attract more audience to your brand using the content that you share.

Interact With Your Audience

Digital Marketing Agency Dubai

Discovering your potential audience on Instagram isn’t too that hard to achieve. If you’re following your potential customers, then they can get interested in the service you offer. This helps to build strong networks and find more audiences.

If you’ve just started your business account on Instagram, it’s a great way to start by searching for audiences who are following similar services that you offer. This way you can find people who are interested in knowing about your brand and services.

 Don’t expect all your followers to follow back, there may be only a few who would like to follow you back. But, that is not a problem, you can gradually increase your followers’ list.

Try The Insights

Like Facebook offers you insights, you can also use the tool to analyze the insights of Instagram. You can analyze your followers and interactions. Instagram insights include the following features.

Reach – You can view the number of unique account views on a particular post.

Website Click – Check how many clicks your website has received.

Impressions – You can check how many times your post was viewed.

Save – Find how many people saved your post.

Follower Activity – You can analyze how often your visitors use Instagram.

Video Views: Analyse how often your videos are viewed.

Use Instagram Advertising

Do you know that Instagram advertising is a powerful way to reach your content to more people on Instagram? If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can promote your posts by running daily ads on Instagram, suggests digital marketing company Dubai.

Here are the different types of ads you can promote on Instagram.

  1. Photo Ads – The standard advertising option Instagram gives is promoting your photo content.
  2. Video Ads – You can promote your video content using video Ads.
  3. Stories Ads – Promote your Instagram stories using story Ads by displaying on the top of the feed.
  4. Carousel Ads – This is a slideshow ad where you can promote multiple images in a carousel format.

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Run contests And Giveaways

Running contests are the best way to get more audience interaction on your profile. Your audience loves healthy competitions and without a doubt, you can go for it. You don’t have to host so innovative and complex competitions, you can simply run a contest like captioning a post, or share their experiences related to a post, or something creative, etc.

Another way of acquiring more followers according to digital marketing company UAE is by announcing giveaways. Conditions like following your account and tagging friends etc can easily get you more followers. People love giveaways and this way you can make your account more popular.

Use hashtags

If you are into social media, don’t neglect hashtags, says the best online marketing company Dubai. Add hashtags to your posts. You can use relevant keywords for your posts and also add general keywords that are mostly searched.

It is better to do research on the keywords that are niche and industry specific. But it is also good to add some general keywords as they can help to increase your visibility. These hashtags help to increase your chance of making your content getting noticed by potential audiences. You can easily find those hashtags by doing a quick google search or you can use some online tools.

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