The voice-based search will soon overtake search using typing. The reason for the increase is quite simple, the fact that voice-based search is way more convenient than doing it through the keyboard.  Its easiness has made it a ripe field for technology to develop, and several personal assistants like Siri, Cortona and Alexa have sprung up to accommodate this need and have become more perceptive to what people are saying.

This has caused people in the marketing business to question their previous SEO strategies and to create a new strategy in its place. They are a creating a new SEO strategy in its place so that their business is more fine-tuned towards SEO.  If more businesses don’t start to do that, then they are going to become obsolete and outdated.

These are the ways in which voice search based SEO is going to change the face of everything:

Using natural speech patterns

When you think about it, people don’t type the way they speak. When you are about to type something as a search query, you are usually going to type it in shorthand, such as “weather in Dubai”. However, if you were to do the same query, but this time you are inputting it through voice, then you are probably going to go “what’s the weather in Dubai like today”. This shows that it is quite important for those who are doing SEO to pick up the users’ natural speech patterns.

The error rate for voice-based search has gone down and now these machines are able to pick up people’s natural patterns much more easily. There are several voice-query research tools such as Rank Tracker, this tool will help you by letting you type in keywords and giving you a language that you could use that more resembles the natural speech patterns.

Also, it is good to incorporate natural speech patterns in the content that you are creating for your website. Therefore, it is better to use a conversational tone in the content of your websites.

Using Long-Tail Keywords

If you look at the pattern that is developing, then you need to consider that short-tail keywords are getting much less popular as people are searching, especially in mobile phone queries, through voice search. Therefore, it is getting more important than ever before, that the right keywords are being used to capture more voice searches.

This means that you should be using more long-and conversational keywords in the content that you are creating so that there is a boost in the SEO. These keywords are longer and tend to be used by people who are closer to the point of purchasing something. Therefore, it would be good for you to have these keywords in the descriptions of your products. It should be detailed and also should involve phrases and sentences.

For example, if you were to sell furniture, you should not use the short tail keyword that often as it wouldn’t be so helpful. You should instead at try and create content that is more conversational in tone or content that is more descriptive of the product – “art deco IKEA table” – as this would reflect what your customers would want to buy.

Greater emphasis on mobile

It is a fact that now over half of the search queries that happen, happens through mobile. Therefore, it makes sense that there should importance is given to mobile. Marketing should be focused on how they can add SEO to integrate the voice inputted searches.

Voice searches are mostly done on the smartphone and if you should choose to create an SEO strategy on the mobile, then you should consider optimizing the content so that it shows up on the mobile. One way to make sure that you are able to make this happen is by taking Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Some things that you should make sure is that all of the resources are crawlable, meaning that spiders can crawl through the website, and you should also make sure that Flash isn’t there and the images are compressed. This will give you a greater chance of showing up when someone asks for a content related to your website.


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