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Onam has come back again, now it is time to revel in the celebratory mood and have fun. Dress up in your ethnic wear, while some adorn themselves in colourful paints. Come out to witness the Puli Kali, and the intricate floral designs of the Pookkalam, while gorgeous maidens dance around singing folk tunes and evoke the ambience of Onam which survives despite the massive change in the cultural mind-set of the population.

Onam is a time for every Malayalee to unite in celebration in spite of their conflicting religious affiliation, because Onam is not a festival exclusive to the Hindus but it is a collective experience that belongs to everyone willing to participate in it. You and I and everyone else can have fun and celebrate in joy with others, building lifelong bonds and sharing precious memories.

At Azinova Technologies, we are going to have absolute celebration in our office, where we will organize different games and events to induce a vivacious sensation into the minds of the members, and of course to challenge their wits and hearts. This Onam will be one to remember and recall for all posterity. We wish a Happy & Prosperous Onam Everyone!

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