For almost nine years, Azinova Technologies has been spearheading technological change at the IFFK providing them with the perfect registration system and technical support that has facilitated its smooth and seamless functioning that has led the festival attracting more and more crowds at each successful version of the festival transpires. Truly, Azinova’s support has been indispensable and our faith in the festival and vice versa will bring more film and movie lovers to the city.

Azinova has been at the forefront of technological innovation since its inception, and with the latest edition of IFFK – the 21st – they are utilizing the Near Field Communication which will be embedded inside specific Android Phones to facilitate entry of registered and reserved movie-watchers. By doing this, they are completely eliminating the need for any sort of paper-based verification and being eco-friendly by going into the digital realm.

All pertinent information about each individual movie-goer as well as information about the screenings that are taking, going to take place; about seats that is already reserved and is yet to be reserved in each theater that is available for movie screenings.

Registration Technology and Mobile Application

Azinova Technologies has an efficient and easily navigable design that enables the IFFK participants to register with clarity. The registration system allows one to register online from any device – desktop computers, laptops, portable devices like smartphone – and this versatility allows cinephiles from all different background to come together to this year’s IFFK.

The IFFK Mobile Application is available for download from the Google Play Store and can be installed in Android devices. The Application is simple and efficient and facilitates registration as well as reservation for events and films respectively. The App shows all the pertinent information related to the festival as well as the timings for each film and the reservation count.

Technical Support

Azinova’s talented and versatile crew are also present at the festival and is going forward with the technical support to those who need it. Constantly in vigil about the consistency of the festival, our software team allays all fears and answers all queries that arise in the Festival with our sharp technical abilities, every single case is taken to an amicable conclusion for all.

Azinova Technologies has been recognized by the Festival authorities as an Integral Player in the Festival and this relationship will only go stronger as the years pass by.

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