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Combined with the advanced technical framework of Odoo, Azinova’s VAT enabled accounting software in UAE is your ideal software companion to navigate through the myriad processes involved in VAT. With the perfection combination of control, function, and customisability, we help business owners to manage more. With our VAT software in the UAE, we make sure that the design is simple and not convoluted, yet rich in features and well integrated with all the pertinent functionalities.

Our VAT enabled accounting software in the UAE contains Finance, Purchase, Point of Sales, Sales, Inventory, Payroll and Branch Management modules. Moreover, we have assimilated compliance capabilities for VAT as well as Arabic documentation and invoicing. Azinova’s VAT enabled software in Dubai, UAE is designed so that it serves your multitude of tasks – including the legal-tax and account responsibilities.

Everything from fetching bank transactions online to calculating profit and loss details can be done with just a series of simple steps. Furthermore, once the software is purchased, we’ll send a dedicated team of technicians and account experts to your site to aid with the proper implementation of the software in your premises.

What our VAT Enabled Accounting Software does for you!

VAT Compliance

What we do is essentially take care of your Vat records and returns, so that it is easier for you to comply with VAT rules.

Our Vat enabled accounting software in UAE is able to handle different kinds of VAT rates and schemes, and calculate the VAT correctly on all international transactions. It will give you all the information you will need in your VAT returns in just a matter of minutes.

Where you stand with VAT

Our Vat Enabled software in Dubai, UAE keeps an account of your VAT position, knowing how much you owe or how much is owed to you.

With customized VAT reports that use real-time data, you can see every aspect of VAT in your business. This eliminates the need for any manual calculations or assumptions.

Time and Money Saving

You can manage and file your VAT returns on the go. It wouldn’t require your entire accountants to help with the filing, as the software will do that job for you.

Now with this time they can be involved in more of the pertinent works, while the number of processes that is in-built means that you are saving money.

Customizable and Scalable

Our software is created to scale up whenever the scale of your operations rises. It can process thousands of transactions, and the multi-currency facility makes trading seamless.

Whatever business model you have, our VAT enabled software in Dubai, UAE is ready to assimilate it into its mechanisms, and therefore multiple functionalities can be added.

Advantages of our VAT Enabled Software

Quick and easy to setup

Our software is relatively simple for you to install and implement. Of course, there will be learning learning curve like all new software, but when you purchase our VAT enabled accounting software in UAE, we’ll send over dedicated technicians to help implement the software and make it quick.

Simple and user-friendly

Azinova’s VAT enabled accounting software in the UAE is simple and user friendly. The software design was created to facilitate an ease of process where each and every task is done in just a matter of small steps so that anyone operating the software can efficiently utilise it.

Data backups

Data is backed-up quite extensively inside of the software so that any incidents of data loss can be instantly mitigated. With this feature in place, you can work without ever worrying about all those transaction details or documents ever getting lost.

100% Secure

Our software is totally safe for you to use. We know that you value safety as much as anyone else. Therefore, we have ensured that the software is fully featured with security mechanisms that make it impenetrable to malicious forces and in making your work completely secure.


Our VAT enabled accounting software in Dubai is actually one of the few services that can deliver upon the promises of a cost-effective and affordable app in Dubai. Rich in features, dynamic and constantly updated, our software is quite a steal for the price tag.

User Access Control

One of the many features of our VAT enabled accounting software in Dubai is the fact that it gives easy access to any authenticated user wanting to access it wherever they are located. This accessibility ensures that there won’t be delays but greater involvement from personnel.


Our software can be operated on any platform that you wish to operate it in. This compatibility with different kinds of operating software makes our VAT enabled accounting software to be used by a variety of businesses whether small or large for their VAT needs.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of our software is the fact it is customisable to your needs and can be created from scratch so that it complies with not only all the VAT rules and regulations, but also remains in tune with your unique business needs.


Of course, English won’t be the language used for all companies; you will be requiring document processing with Arabic. Our software is designed to be operated in Arabic -print out invoices and create documents in Arabic as well as other languages so as to accommodate the needs of many.


Of course, you might be the owner of a diversified group of companies, and all of them might need VAT services that we can provide. If you require software that can easily navigate between different type of companies and their VAT requirements, ours is the one.


One of the features of our software is the fact that it can process transactions and trade where several currencies are involved. Our software enables this process as it can inherently process any currency that is used to trade for goods and services in the GCC.

Multiple Module Integration

One of the main features of our software is that it can be integrated with other modules than the ones which are already in it. This inherent compatibility allows the software to be adaptable to any company and scale according to each requirement.

Our Modules

Dubai VAT Accounting Software | UAE VAT Software
Purchase Management

With the purchase management feature, your VAT enabled accounting software can keep track of all the purchases that are being made, as well as create the orders for new purchases. You can keep a track of all the vendors, create and check invoices, launch quotation requests, and control the product reception. You can create invoices against the order as well as receive receipts. Moreover, you can do direct returning and bills can be paid.

Dubai VAT Accounting Software | UAE VAT Software
Inventory Module

You can account for the individual items, the warehouses, characteristics and the batches. The module enables for stocktaking, the receiving of the inventory, assigning additional expenses to the inventory. With complete automation being propagated, you can track all the materials being brought it and ones that go out. Furthermore, you can transfer the goods to storage while being able to reject bad goods from coming in.

Dubai VAT Accounting Software | UAE VAT Software
Dubai VAT Accounting Software | UAE VAT Software
Sales Module

Sales is quite an important part of doing business, and with Azinova’s VAT enabled accounting software, you can utilise this aspect while having it quite simple, transparent, and in a time saving manner. With our software, preparing all of the sales documents like quotations, sales orders and invoices will be done with ease. Furthermore, the software enables the function to receive cash and cheque payments. You can keep check of all contracts and sales dispatches.

Dubai VAT Accounting Software | UAE VAT Software
Financial Accounting

The core of the VAT enabled accounting software in Dubai is the accounting module which is utilised by professionals to perform the daily accounting activities. There are several sub-modules that have been assimilated to streamline the process such as general ledger and accounting adjustments. Several other features are also inherent. You can view your profit & loss details here, balanced sheets, the trial balance, the detailed and condensed account of the cash flow, and the chart of account.

Dubai VAT Accounting Software | UAE VAT Software
Dubai VAT Accounting Software | UAE VAT Software
Point of Sales

In our VAT enabled accounting software, we have integrated a point of sales module where you can verify transactions done at several outlets and stock information of your stores and services in it. You will be able to hide or display the information the way you choose to. Maintain sales history to help you with seasonal purchasing, integrate bar-code scanners and credit-card authorizations, update inventory, and of course include the several VAT rates that will be applicable on your goods and services.

Dubai VAT Accounting Software | UAE VAT Software
Payroll Management

In our payroll module, you are able to calculate the overall payroll and have it submitted to financial accounting. There is option for creating different pay heads, create different designations, options for setting holidays, to keep an attendance record, set the allowance and deduction, and of course to generate salary and pay slip at the end of each month. Our payroll modules make it possible for companies to facilitate dispensing of cash with clarity.

Dubai VAT Accounting Software | UAE VAT Software
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