This is designed for all those trading firms needing to keep track of all the incoming heft of commodities from the original supply dock and get an idea of the category and original weight of the contents. Any detail that needs to be taken into account, such as the intended destination can be inputted into the software's database and categorized into useful information. The moving operation is where all the hitherto information is used to create efficiency. The destinations, the prospective buyers, every departed commodity and incoming one are levied and processes inside App, which will then find the optimized routes and time to proceed with delivery. The entire process that comes under the supply chain management involves coordinating and integrating this flow from one section to the next.

Stock Planning

Carefully evaluate the amount of the initial stock that you need to begin the entire process by means of the efficient tools.

Purchase Management

Tally in every single aspect of purchasing process and execute every action with precision..

Manufacture Management

Be in control of the entire manufacturing process with our suite of immaculate tools that will help develop the best product possible...

Warehouse Management

This will ensure ultimate storage efficiency of your products as they await delivery to their final destination. .

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