Education Management SOFTWARE

It integrates every single process that can take place inside an educational institution. The processes can be as disparate as the marks obtained by a single student, the pay grade of high school teacher, the number of desks and chairs, the electrical equipment to be procures and planning of the holidays etc. Any such processes can be monitored from its inception to the time it is used by the employee. Modern Interface with multiple design means that all the processes can be accessed at any stage and be corrected according to your wishes; it is fully customized to give a boost to the efficiency of the education and the overall experience of studying. Our software enables the school and their branches to record access report and manages their student and staff data and performance records in real time. .

Employee Detail Management

With this module you will be able to take into account all the employee details.

Student Detail Management

With this module you will be able to systematically store the student details and retrieve it..

Fee Detail Management

With this module you�ll be able to perfectly create a database to manage the procurement of fees..

Library Management

This will make it possible to create a systematic database for storing all library information and to retrieve them.

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