Software Development

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Smart Scheduling Software
Smartly Automate Your Business Activities

Improve the efficiency of your field staff and reduce conflicts of availability with Azinova's top-notch staff scheduling software. Web-based smart scheduling software automates the in-field staff scheduling activities of your company.

  • Your field staff receives their daily schedules and schedule changes in real-time.
  • A state-of-the-art dashboard to illustrate business matrices like booking through mobile apps and websites, new bookings, and new customers by means of analytics.
  • The delay reports are a smarter way to notify your customers when in-field staff arrives late.
  • Activity setting option manages activities like area and accommodation settings, user management, coupon management, bulk SMS, and email management options.
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Restaurant Management Software with POS
An all-inclusive tool to improve your restaurant’s operational efficiency.

Give your guest the best dining experience with our restaurant management software and manage customers creatively and comfortably. With Azinova restaurant management software, you will be able to efficiently manage and keep track of everyday operations at your restaurants like never before.

  • Smart AI Visualization
  • Multi-platform Compatibility
  • Centralized Backend System
  • Call Logger Module
  • Android Waiter App
  • Kitchen Touchscreen Display
  • Food Costing and Recipe Management
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Trading and Logistics ERP
Get a complete ERP system to streamline trading and logistics operations.

Get a complete automation tool to stream daily operations at your distribution center. We provide a cutting-edge tool for you to manage not only distribution channels but also boost revenue. The solution is definitely going to increase the productivity of employees by sending your shipments on time without delay.

  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting
  • Trading
  • Returns Management
  • Easy Integration With Logistics
  • Order Synchronization
  • Routing
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Project Management Software
Successfully manage your projects and make the most of them.

The value-driven prioritization of work enables flexible planning of activities which in turn results in outstanding results. By following a transparent execution pattern, we put forward a scalable evolution when it comes to handling project workflow.

  • From project planning, and staff scheduling to the allocation of resources - with the right project management tool, your team, users, or stakeholders can manage the business without causing an arm and a leg.
  • The software ensures project management, task planning, allocation, documentation, administration, and collaboration.
  • With the project management software, you can keep track of anything from product cost, error management, budgets, communication, time tracking, quality, etc.
  • Super efficiently manage tasks or interactions. Map projects with our advanced project management tool which integrates complete functionalities to manage your business.
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Web-based Accounting Software
Suite of tools to manage financial transactions

With our web-based accounting software, integrate all the singular functions previously done separately into one interface. Automate tasks and streamline all your financial transactions and accounting operations with the help of advanced web-based accounting software.

  • The first-grade dashboard with assorted visualization options allows you to make better organizational decisions.
  • Designed to fit multiple tools with varied functions tailored to increase your productivity tenfold.
  • The seamless integration allows for a single drag and drops function to help you organize your tasks and events into easier chunks.
  • Charts installed allows you to keep track of deadlines and the progress of your projects with a clear overview.
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Guest Management Software with IoT
Manage guests effortlessly with IoT enabled guest management software

Switch to IoT enabled guest management software and approve your guests from anywhere in the world. Azinova Guest Management software is an advanced IoT-based guest management tool by a firm with more than a decade of experience in creating digital solutions. The advanced guest management system will enable you to accept and approve your guests from anywhere, anytime. The digital guest entry system assures seamless guest approval regardless of where you are. The tool is perfect for managing your guests and tracking them.

  • Visitor Dashboard
  • Ehteraz Scanning
  • Backend Admin Panel
  • Visitor Image Capture
  • Push Notifications
  • Detailed Reports
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CRM and Sales Software
Keep track of your customers and sales with an all in one tool

Build better customer relationships, give your clients a better experience, keep track of interactions, and enhance sales and profitability with a unique, easy-to-use CRM and Sales tool.

The tool supports multiple channels and enables companies to build relationships and keep track of interactions with prospects. Built on secure technology to ensure complete protection to the customer data, the tool captures leads from multiple channels without lead loss. With this tool, it will be easy to distribute, track and manage leads between the team.

  • Lead Capture and Management
  • Complete Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Lead Tracking
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Management
  • Real-time Alerts
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Distribution Management Software
Automate distribution and get real-time insights

Effortlessly manage all your sales needs with our distribution management system combined with supply chain and delivery management.

Azinova’s advanced distribution management software streamlines the distribution process by assisting companies in automating day-to-day operations and promoting the fulfilment of orders and helps in managing inventories. With this tool, you will be able to manage logistics and supply chains in a flexible way.

  • Manage Inventory
  • salesforce automation
  • Offer management
  • warehouse management
  • inventory management
  • sales and purchase order management
  • Price management
  • Returns management
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Van Sale Application
An application of automate in-field sales.

Get a bespoke Van Sale Application with which you can streamline day-to-day sales and in-field order deliveries.

We know Van sales have always been challenging and that is why we created the most efficient solution to serve the needs of the distribution sector. The Van Sale Application gives you enhanced productivity and profitability. With this system, you do not have to spend money on printed catalogues or materials. It ensures maximum resource utilization and decreased management cost.

  • Digital Catalogue
  • ERP Integration
  • Product Management
  • Dynamic Route Allocation
  • Real-time tracking
  • Delivery Management
  • Invoicing
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Document Management System
Securely store and track essential documents

Transform your office into a paperless workspace with Azinova's digital Document Management System. Maintain records efficiently and keep track of all your documents.

Organize your documents effectively with the help of Azinova's document management system. The system is built on secure technology to ensure maximum security to your documents. Specially built for solving the issues of traditional bookkeeping, the document management system digitizes, stores, and easily manages your company's documents.

  • Multi-format Support
  • Three-tier Security
  • Version Control
  • Document Update
  • Record Management
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Call center solution with ERP
Enhance productivity with advanced call center solution

Know your customers before you pick up the call and close all calls quicker than ever with Azinova's Call Center Solution, an all-inclusive system integrated with powerful Enterprise Resource Planning.

The solution gives you an outstanding option to understand your customers before you pick up the call. Know your customers and be ready to greet them with their names before you pick up the call with our integrated call logger. The display system gives the customer's name, area, and other relevant information before your support agents pick up the call. The recorder records all the inbound - outbound conversations for training, quality, and complaints purposes.

  • Inbound/Outbound Calls
  • Customer Information Display
  • Call Recording
  • Integrated Call Logger
  • Call Holding & Transferring
  • Custom IVRS
  • ERP System
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Green Energy Systems
We believe in creating sustainable solutions

As people nowadays are more aware of the benefits of renewable resources, the importance of green energy systems over conventional is increasing day by day. That is why at Azinova, we create green energy solutions that offer greater sustainability.

Why Green Energy Systems?

  • Clean & renewable energy
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Boundless energy source
  • Energy independence
  • Sustainability
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