Odoo Software Development

Odoo is the fastest growing ERP software in the world right now. With more than 2 million users functioning on it and with new extensions that integrates other business functions such as CRM, CMS and E-Commerce, it has incontrovertibly become the most coveted free software by businesses worldwide. What is more compelling is the fact that it is extensively customisable to the whims directed by the programmer, operated by the most advanced intelligence and logical foundation that currently exists. This paves the way for further manipulation of the design and interface to the user's very specific needs. Coming with a professional support and warranty like other countries just to adds its viability.


Here at Azinova, we specialize in customizing all the modules within the parameters so that it is compatible with the needs of the departments using it. Providing solutions by means of functional and technical consultation to help you make the correct decisions. We feature in our package custom training required to operate the software so that you can efficiently use it. The different modules we use are:


And numerous others, this software enables the functioning of hundreds of modules, each with their own specialties, so you can fit them into the fields that you want. Odoo software, because of its flexibility and compatibility, has become the most popular software used for accelerating business and by choosing us you ensure that you�re fully utilizing the vast scope that it provides.


We implement the software on site itself and assist you with our experts


We create the apps that you want with our excellent team of developers.

Customization & Modification

: We are able to customize and modify the app with any type of module


you can enter into an annual maintenance contract with us where we will provide you with all the assistance.

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