Odoo Software Development

Azinova offers you what other companies cannot. While there are so many other Odoo companies here in Dubai, we are able to give you support in every sense of the word. Everything from customization to implementation to AMC, we are an organisation able to provide you with comprehensive services across the board meticulously going through every single one of them until you have the product that youd wanted and are able to operate it with perfection. Our team of functional and technical developers with outstanding expertise will give assistance for every single query that you might have and will carefully explain how to implement and make full use of the Odoo software. The level of commitment that we provide is unique with regards to other Odoo developers in Dubai for we are able to dispense several features:


Once the final version of the Odoo software has been created, we will provide a technical and functional developer to give onsite training on the implementation process across your business departments such as with regard to Basic Configuration and Data Migration.

Development & Customization & Modification

We will develop the software according to the requirements that were specified and it is also within our capacity to customise and modify the application by integrating modules and functionalities that are not found in Odoo but were required of by the client.

Great Technical Team

We comprise of a great team of developers and like-minded individuals with specialities across the spectrum and knowledge about all pertinent functionalities like accounting able to create multiple modules for any industry.


Our annual maintenance contract ensures that you will get all the help that you require throughout the year after you have implemented in maintaining the software in the form of onsite visits, backend support and updated versions. It shows our commitment to client satisfaction.

Customization & Modification

: We are able to customize and modify the app with any type of module


you can enter into an annual maintenance contract with us where we will provide you with all the assistance.

Our Process

Requirement Analysis

An analysis of all the requirements put forth by the client and consolidating them into a cohesive form for the creation of an Odoo ERP software

GAP Analysis

An analysis which compares the ideal state that the company wants to be in, in conjunction with the Odoo ERP software, and how far it is from the present state of the company.

Software Requirement Specification

This is where we describe in the form of a document the scope of the application, its cost, the particular environment required for operation, and all pertinent details.

Project Plan

This involves the creation of a cohesive plan/document that outlines the various targets of the process of developing an Odoo ERP software and how to execute the project with efficiency. The Project Plan is a document that measures the ideal time taken to complete the development of the application and to fulfil the SRS requirements essentially a guide to control and execute the app.

Development & Customization

This is the part where the software actually gets developed into its final form integrating the multiple unique customizations and modifications that were required of us by the client apart from the ones which were available in Odoo itself. Our strong technical and functional developers are able to integrate any module into the final application.


Our great technical team will assist you with the implementation of the software across the various departments of your business, giving onsite training for both the functional and technical aspects of the final Odoo application including the basic configuration and data migration.

Report Generation

We can custom generate reports on the various aspects of the application so that you can monitor the performance of your Odoo application and get real time insights upon the progress of your business processes across various departments.

Quality Analysis

A continuing process where our quality analysts are able to perform comprehensive quality analysis of every functionality and modules to spot for flaws and to mitigate them with better versions of the Odoo product


This is demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the software throughout your tenure with us. We will send teams periodically to make sure the software is running smoothly across all departments and once the year is over, you can renew the contract with us.